quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2008

76 anos da morte de D. Manuel II

Faz dia 11 de Julho 76 anos que morreu o último Rei de Portugal, D. Manuel II.

Eis a notícia da Revista TIME de 11 de Julho de 1932:
"All last week Dom Manoel de Braganza, onetime King of Portugal, sat at Wimbledon watching the tennis tournament, chatting with his good friends King George of England and onetime King Alfonso of Spain. On the day that Ellsworth Vines won the championship, King Manoel's chair was vacant. He had waked up with a sore throat. After breakfast he went to see his physician, was ordered to bed. But not until afternoon did Dom Manoel obey. By then his throat was swelling rapidly, he was choking for breath. While his secretary telephoned frantically for Lord Dawson of Penn, Dom Manoel's diseased glottis continued to swell & swell until it blocked his windpipe, choked him to death.

Had Dom Manoel's wife, Princess Augusta Victoria Hohenzollern, or his secretary, who were the only people in his house that afternoon, found a tube and forced it down his throat he might have lived longer. The glottis, the slit-like opening into the larynx, less than an inch long, is capable of swelling with alarming rapidity. Intubation (insertion of a tube) lets the patient breathe until the swelling has subsided. More frequently the physician will cut into the trachea through the neck and insert the tube from the outside. If laymen such as Dom Manoel's wife and secretary had tried to do that they would likely have cut an artery.

Dom Manoel was a king for two and a half years of his 42. In his 19th year in 1908, revolutionists stormed the carriage in which he was riding with his father King Carlos and brother Crown Prince Louis Philippe, shot the King and Crown Prince to death. Manoel was crowned three months later. In 1910 a second revolution sent him scurrying to Gibraltar. Dom Manoel, who had never wanted to be a king, was quite satisfied when the republic allowed him to keep his property, valued at some $50,000,000. He led a pleasant life as the royal lover of beauteous Gaby Deslys, refused to return to Portugal in 1919 when Royalists proclaimed him King again. Actress Deslys died in 1920, also of a throat infection. Dom Manoel retired with his wife (whose marriage Pope Benedictus XV had refused to annul) to his farm at Twickenham, near London, settled down to a life of farming, tennis, fencing and following horse races. He died while his valet's daughter was being married. He had promised to be best man."

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